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Internationanl Accreditation

Nipm Accreditations

NIPM Accreditation

IAO-International Accreditation Organization,USA
EQAC-Educational Quality Accreditation Commision,Spain

NIPM is recognized & accredited by IAO ,Texas(USA) for Online distance education courses,Executive MBA,Executive PGDBA,Post Graduate Diploma,Diploma & Certificate courses.

NIPM is accredited on EQAC selection on IAO.

IAO is one of the leading  accreditation  body  for quality assurance,recognition of education  provider  of  school education,secondary,diploma degree and online education.

IAO's international accreditation for corporations ensures that the organizations are operating according to the international principles and standards of quality. It assures the business community's confidence and trust in  business structure, management & performance.

NIPM is Part of SSR SElSE pvt ltd, which is Recognised by IAO by following means,

SSR SELSE complies with the standards and criteria established by the International Accreditation Organization(IAO) and granted accreditation status along with all the services and privileges regional,national,International professional recognition.

NIPM is accredited on EQAC selection.

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