Online Support

From enrollment to dispatch of documents


  • Student will get registration document
  • ID Card
  • Study materials

Learning Opportunity

  • Online Classes by expert faculty
  • Up to date study materials
  • Library in this content & search option whatever you need.
  • 10 Year Questions Bank
  • 24×7 Support through by email,chat or Phone.
  • Documents such as project,presentations,assignments & etc sharing Between faculty & students .

Online Assignments:

  • Student can attempt assignment in fixed time, from anywhere through online.
  • Comprehensive User Interface for the candidates taking the assignment in terms of flexibility and usage
  • Flexibility in accommodating different Question Types like Multiple-Choice, multiple selection & match the following, etc
  • Detail Summary of attempted, unattempted and marked-for-review later Questions for earmarking
  • Recovery of all data and elapsed Test time in case of any disaster

Online Examination:

Examination two times in a year either online or centre base.

Finally Document dispatch to candidate’s mailling address